About Cinematic Musings


Hello, my name is David A. Smith, and I like movies.

Cinematic Musings is, well, just that. It’s my way to present thoughts, commentary, and analysis on current movies, old movies, movies I hadn’t seen before, movies I love, and everything in between. Certainly the internet needs another site like this, correct?

This site comes from an earlier concept, “Movies New to Me”. That is where I reviewed movies I had seen for the first time, regardless of their age. It was my intention to fill in holes while also generating reactions, such as “You had never seen that!?”. I abruptly gave it up, and, frankly, I regret the decision, especially deleting all the reviews I had done.

I created this site to continue that approach while also branching out into discussing current film topics, upcoming releases, and really whatever catches my attention. The price I paid to get this site running will be a good factor in keeping me motivated.

 Thank you for visiting!